Fairytale from the Desert – II

fairytales should have a dramaturgy and a happy end. I hope my mails will have at least a happy end. they certainly don’t have a dramaturgy.

today, we measured 44 degrees in the shadow, and some of our work is taking place in the sun. we had no running water today. the heat is the theme of discussion amongst expatriates. not amongst chadians: wait six weeks, they all say, then it will be hot.

welcome to the desert of eastern chad, which has in some places more refugees than local population, and more animals than people. eastern chad is going through an exercise, which it has never gone through in its history: a dry season with 200’000 refugees. the last rainy season was already bad – how the next one in june/july/september will be, nobody knows.

Amongst Sudanese refugee children in the heat of Eastern Chad, 2005.

it’s easy to write about the temperature on a day when you had no shower. it would still be impossible for me to describe this incredible environment here. the best is for one to forget everything one has ever learnt. it is useful that i have worked for my organization for a few years. but most of the rest of my experiences in my life, I better forget them. they are simply non applicable here.

in this sense, until we hear again from each other,

Marcel, abeche

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