Ready for departure from Afghanistan

dear friends and family,

I am sitting in the midst of litterally hundreds of pages of paper, trying to get rid of most of them. due report for tomorrow not yet written, yet tomorrow, sunday, is the day of my departure. at 11.40 h, if there is not too much sand in the air, the icrc flight “Red-121” will take me from mazar, afghanistan, to peshawar, pakistan – via a large detour of herat (12.55 h) in the west and kabul (15.05 h). after a short night in peshawar (getting up at 3.30 a.m. or so), a commerical flight will take me to dubai, where I will spend the entire day waiting, then at night 1:45 h departure to zürich, onto geneva, to arrive, inshallah, at 8.35 h on tuesday there. as things are ever-changing in the icrc and in afghanistan particularily, what follows is a bit different then foreseen.

10.-13 october geneva
14.-17. october anywhere
18.-19. october geneva
20.-22 october anywhere
23 october departure again to afghanistan
7 november arrival back from afghanistan (zürich)

haven’t been in europe for half a year and would enjoy hearing from you. the best is if you call me or send me an sms on this number:
+41 76 336 42 22

see you soon… I am going back to the papers….!

Mobile phone direct (time zone: GMT +4.5 hours):
Skype: livingstone2004

icrc (at) stoessel (dot) ch. (absolutely no attachments)
marcel (at) stoessel (dot) ch. (attachments possible)

Snail mail, parcels up to 1 kg (no alcohol):
Marcel Stoessel; ICRC Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan;
19, Av. de la Paix; 1202 Geneva; Switzerland
* Personal e-mail – not an official ICRC communication *

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