My favorites out of the 2011 Time 100 Most Influential Things in the World

Well, I guess it’s the “world” from the US angle, but it is an intresting and amusing list.

Here are some of my favorite comments from the editors.

3. Youth unemployment
Causing unrest throughout the third world and uncomfortable interactions when buying Big Macs from people older than you. 

4. Bombs

Like protests but far more effective.

7. Diplomatic cables

“[Gadaffi] sleeps in a tent when in hotel rooms and travels with a voluptuous
blond Ukrainian nurse. Making him the world’s most powerful 12-year-old.” 

19. Conflict minerals

Not as sexy as blood diamonds but still pretty sexy. 

20. Birth certificates

In the age of Photoshop, people still want to see them. 

22. No-fly zones

“.. the great 1990s euphemism for not having sex is the 2010s euphemism for war” 

24. Eyjafjallajökull

Despite the weak dollar, Iceland’s volcano was able to stop Europeans from heading to America. 

28. Greece

Hadn’t heard from the Greeks in 2,400 years. Turns out they were spending a lot of money 

44. Irish banks

Spending money like drunk Irishmen. 

71. Military tribunals

Lost influence in 2008 but are now back to making the U.S. look as bad as it did when we had a white President. 

75. Pelicans

Making people care about oil spills. 


Microlending without anything scammy going on. Plus, for $25 you get to
feel like an international bank that, unlike many of them lately,
doesn’t lose money.

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